S.COUPS Quickly Apologizes After Accidentally Chucking a Water Bottle to a Fan

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 28, 2022

S.COUPS Quickly Apologizes After Accidentally Chucking a Water Bottle to a Fan
S.COUPS of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN was seen accidentally throwing a water bottle to a fan during the group's concert. 

On June 26, SEVENTEEN's concert 'BE THE SUN' was held at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul. 

During the encore performance, SEVENTEEN performed different versions of their hit track 'VERY NICE'. 

The whole venue heated up as SEVENTEEN performed such an exciting song, and the members went around splashing water towards the audience. 

At one point when S.COUPS was doing this, his water bottle slipped from his hand, flew in the air and landed on one fan. 

His eyes widened and covered his mouth in surprise right after witnessing it happening. 
S.COUPSThen, he walked to the fan, kneeled down and put his hands together, offering his apology. 

After that, S.COUPS asked the fan if his water bottle hit his/her head. 

But thankfully, it seemed like the fan told him that the water bottle did not hit him/her anywhere. 

Upon hearing this, S.COUPS sighed in relief and carried on the performance. 

S.COUPS' cute response and apology made a lot of fans around the world laugh. 
This actually was not the first time this sort of accident occurred at SEVENTEEN's concert. 

Previously, at their last in-person concert 'Ode to You' three years ago before the COVID-19 pandemic, DK accidentally chucked a water bottle to a fan when SEVENTEEN was performing 'VERY NICE'. 

At that time, the fan even took to her social media following the concert to let DK know that she was okay. 
DK(Credit= 'bobpulagi' Twitter, 'PINK CARROT' YouTube)

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