Nam Joo Hyuk's School Bullying Accusations: Another Alleged Victim Steps Up

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 29, 2022

Nam Joo Hyuk
Model-turned-actor Nam Joo Hyuk's school bullying accusations entered another phase as another alleged victim provides more details.

Last week, school bullying accusations were made against Nam Joo Hyuk as an anonymous informant 'A' claimed that the actor bullied him in middle and high school.
Nam Joo HyukShortly after the report, however, Nam Joo Hyuk's management agency Management Soop denied the allegations stating that the report is groundless.

The agency has also filed a lawsuit against the informant 'A' as well as the reporter who initially publicized the exclusive report.

Then on June 28, another alleged victim 'B' provided more details of the bullying, explaining that he clearly remembers the names of bullies including Nam Joo Hyuk.

The second informant 'B' told Sports Kyunghyang, "When I was in high school, Nam Joo Hyuk used to bully me with a group. I forgot about the pains, but when I saw Nam Joo Hyuk in a movie, the wound opened up again."

He said, "Nam Joo Hyuk always made me turn on my smartphone hotspot and took my phone without my permission to use it. He used my phone to buy game items. Since my parents pay the bill, I asked him to pay me back for the money he used on my phone. But he said, 'Why do I need to?' I never got that money back."
Nam Joo HyukThe informant 'B' also claimed that Nam Joo Hyuk would also physically hit him, saying it was just a casual sparring session.

He added, "When I refused to do something that Nam Joo Hyuk's group asked, they would make a ring in the middle of a classroom and made me fight another classmate of their choosing."

'B' also claimed that Nam Joo Hyuk would make him be a 'bread shuttle', ordering 'B' to run errands for him.

He explained, "Nam Joo Hyuk would say, 'If you get me a snack in three minutes, you don't need to be my shuttle anymore.' So, I would run to the store and come back. But Nam Joo Hyuk said I have to keep being a shuttle because I took more than three minutes to get there."

Lastly, the informant explained the reason why he has decided to step up.

He said, "While I was being bullied in school, I tried to stay strong thinking that I will pay them back by getting a good job and living a better life. But when I saw the news reports that Nam Joo Hyuk denied the accusations and sued my friend (the informant 'A'), I decided to step up as well."

The informant added, "I want Nam Joo Hyuk to admit his past wrongdoings and stop his activities. It's really painful every time I see him (on TV)."
Nam Joo HyukTo this, Management Soop told Sports Kyunghyang, "We have checked on the informant's claim, and all the claims are groundless," and stated, "Even if the company and the actor's position are shared on the report, we sincerely ask you to understand that it is the actor and the his family who are hurt by the report."

(Credit= Management Soop)

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