VIDEO: BTS V Under Fire for His Attitude Upon His Arrival in Korea; He Apologizes

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 29, 2022

VIDEO: BTS V Under Fire for His Attitude Upon His Arrival in Korea; He Apologizes
V of K-pop boy group BTS is currently under fire for the attitude he showed towards fans and press photographers upon his arrival in Korea. 

In the afternoon of June 28, V, LISA of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK and actor Park Bo Gum arrived at Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center on their private jet. 

The three stars had attended a fashion show held by a French designer brand in Paris, France together. 

They were initially scheduled to arrive at 8:55 AM, but their flight got delayed by hours and arrived at 12:20 PM in the end. 

To welcome them back to the country, a great number of their fans as well as lots of press photographers waited for them outside the aviation center since early in the morning.
VWhen they heard that their plane had finally landed, they got their cameras out and got ready to wave to them.

V was the first one to come out of the exit, then LISA and lastly, Park Bo Gum. 

When V exited the aviation center, his fans screamed in excitement and shouted his name out loud so that he would look at their way. 

However, V just kept walking to the van with hands in his pockets, looking in the opposite direction. 

Then, he got into his van, closed the door and drove away with windows closed. 

As he left like this, sounds of disappointment were heard in the area. 

About 15 minutes later, V took to BTS' official fan community to offer his apology. 

V wrote, "Press photographers and ARMY (BTS' fandom name), I'm sorry for going straight into the van like that. You guys have been waiting for me for a long time, right? Here's my gift for you." 

The gift was two photos that he took of himself making a fun facial expression on the landing strip, alongside the star-filled sky, which looked like he had taken while on the jet. 
VVAfter photos and videos of V at the aviation center went around online, some criticized V saying, "He showed poor manners, and was being really rude to everyone who went all the way to the aviation center and waited hours to see him." 

Many compared him to LISA and Park Bo Gum who had the exact same hectic schedule in Paris, and went on a long flight as him. 

Both LISA and Park Bo Gum politely bowed to fans and press photographers as soon as they came out, waved to them with a big smile, and made different poses for photos for them, and waved out the window once they got into their vans. 

Not only they said that V's attitude was disappointing, but they also shared that his apology lacked sincerity. 

But some are arguing back at them saying, "It is not part of V's job to make any gestures to them, and apologize for something such as that." 
LISAPark Bo Gum(Credit= WeVerse, '비몽' YouTube, 'harpersbazaarjapan' Instagram)

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