VIDEO: TXT SOOBIN Shares the Sweetest Reason Why He Loves Fan Signing Events

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 29, 2022

VIDEO: TXT SOOBIN Shares the Sweetest Reason Why He Loves Fan Signing Events
K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER(TXT)'s leader SOOBIN revealed why he loves fan signing events so much.

On June 24, a video of SOOBIN was uploaded on one YouTube channel. 

In this video, SOOBIN was seen being casually interviewed by rapper Lee Young Ji, while having some food and drinks together. 
SOOBINDuring the interview, Lee Young Ji said to SOOBIN, "If I'm correct, you currently live with your fellow members in a dorm. What I heard about you was that you take quite a long shower sometimes." 

SOOBIN laughed and said, "Ah yes, I do. I like looking back on the day when I take a shower. So, if the day went well, I would come out of the bathroom in like 10 minutes." 

He continued, "But if I had a difficult day, then I take a really long one. I even take a shower for like an hour on days like that. As I'm so angry and annoyed, I think about it again and again. If I don't go over the day like that, then I can't sleep properly. It's my way of relieving stress." 
SOOBINLee Young Ji responded, "Oh okay, that got me wondering then. You know how you sometimes have such a hectic schedule that you only get to a 2-hour sleep in two days, right?" 

She continued, "But if you have a fan signing event on a day like that, you might not be able to smile to them as easily and talk to them without looking tired. How do you deal with that?" 

SOOBIN immediately answered, "Umm... Actually, I think differently about fan signing events to how you think. I really love fan signing events." 

He explained, "On these days in a year, there are no days like a day that I have a fan signing event when I receive that many compliments." 

He resumed, "My fans would tell me only the things that I want to hear and say good stuff to me when we meet. I love hearing their sweet words, so..." 

In response to his unexpected answer, Lee Young Ji commented, "Wow, I feel like I've really got to make time for self-reflection." 

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