Charlie Puth Talks About Being Blown Away by BTS JUNGKOOK's Perfect Vocal for 'Left and Right'

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 29, 2022

Charlie Puth Talks About Being Blown Away by BTS JUNGKOOK's Perfect Vocal for 'Left and Right'
American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth shared that he was completely blown away by JUNGKOOK of K-pop boy group BTS' perfect vocal. 

On June 25, Charlie Puth had an interview with American entertainment news platform Audacy about his latest him and JUNGKOOK's collaborative single 'Left and Right'. 

During the interview, Charlie Puth explained how the collaboration came to take place, "We did one performance four years ago, and we've always just kind of shouted each other out on social media." 

He continued, "I felt like we have a great musical chemistry. I appreciate his music and I think he appreciates mine, so the collaboration just felt the most natural."

He added, "The idea to work together wasn't forced by our labels or anything. I actually reached out to JUNGKOOK to see if there was a match." 

He went on, "I said to him, 'I have this idea and I think that you're the only person who could really pull it off.' And then he sent back a perfect vocal. I love when artists send back perfect vocals."
JUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKAfter the two stars agreed to work together, Charlie Puth said to have texted JUNGKOOK thanking him as he got to work right away.

The singer-songwriter commented, "When he agreed to collaborate with me, I was so excited and thanked him. After I sent him the song, and JUNGKOOK was like, 'Thanks so much for sending it, I'm going to go practice it now.' I was amazed, because he wasn't like, 'Oh, I'm just going to record it and let somebody else pick my best singing.'" 

He resumed, "JUNGKOOK actually spent a week on it. That was when I received JUNGKOOK's vocals. I was totally blown by it. It was a miraculously perfect vocal. I was very impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me.", and laughed. 

Charlie Puth's 'Left and Right' with JUNGKOOK was released on June 24, and it is a song that is much loved across the globe at the moment. 

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