Hyelim Says, "I Once Had to Sit Out Wonder Girls' Promotion as I Didn't Lose Enough Weight"

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 29, 2022

Hyelim Says, "I Once Had to Sit Out Wonder Girls' Promotion as I Didn't Lose Enough Weight"
Hyelim of disbanded K-pop girl group Wonder Girls shared that she once had to sit out the group's overseas promotion because she did not lose enough weight until then. 

On June 28 episode of KBS' television show 'Godfather', Hyelim talked about going on a diet during the time when she was part of Wonder Girls. 

In this episode, entertainers Kim Sook and Jonathan were seen having a late-night snack together despite the fact that they were on a diet to lose weight.
HyelimAs Hyelim watched the two enjoying their late-night snack, Hyelim commented. "Ah, I feel like I'm watching myself. I'm really not good at sticking to my diet plans as well."

She went on, "When Wonder Girls was active, I once had to sit out the group's promotion outside Korea, because I failed my diet. I didn't lose enough weight until the time I had to."

She continued, "So, all the members went to China for promotion except for me. They promoted there without me." 

In response to this, the host SEUNGHEE of girl group OH MY GIRL said, "I know exactly what you mean by that." 

She carried on, "I sometimes get really stressed due to my diet, but stress is not good for your diet. What I liked to do when I get too stressed because of my diet is to turn all the lights off in the dance studio, and dance like crazy. That way, I can get rid of the stress as well as fat." 
HyelimThen, Hyelim said that she feels like her diet just never ends, "I've gained a lot of weight following my pregnancy. I thought the fat would just disappear after giving birth, but I still have to lose like five more kilograms to reach my goal." 

She added, "Dieting is giving me so much stress these days. It almost feels like it's my never-ending homework." 
HyelimHyelim joined Wonder Girls in 2010, and was active until 2017 when the group disbanded. 

Hyelim and taekwondo player Shin Min-chul started dating in 2013, and tied the knot in July 2020; their son was born this February. 

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