VIVIZ SINB Furiously Reacts to a Fan Telling Her to Perform 'Candy in My Ears' with Her Brother

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 30, 2022

VIVIZ SINB Furiously Reacts to a Fan Telling Her to Perform 'Candy in My Ears' with Her Brother
SINB of K-pop girl group VIVIZ furiously responded to a fan telling her that she should perform 'Candy in My Ears' with her older brother. 

Back on June 24, MOON BIN of boy group ASTRO and MOON SUA of girl group Billlie performed 'Candy in My Ears' on KBS' music show 'Music Bank' together. 

'Candy in My Ears' is a track that is originally sung by singer Baek Z Young and Ok Taec Yeon of K-pop boy group 2PM.

Following the release in August 2009, it was greatly loved by people in Korea, and it is still much loved until this day. 

MOON BIN and MOON SUA are one of the known siblings in the K-pop world, and they pulled off the cover amazingly-well on that day. 
SINB-Candy in My EarsWhile SINB was speaking to fans using the official fan messenger, she happened to come across one fan's comment saying that she should also try performing 'Candy in My Ears' with her older brother.

In response to this, SINB commented, "What? You want me to perform 'Candy in My Ears' with my older brother? Why are you saying such a thing to me? Why don't you do it...?!" 

She resumed, "Oh, MOON BIN and MOON SUA performed the song together? I know, I've watched their performance. I watched it, because my mom sent me the link." 

She continued, "My mom was like, 'Look, MOON BIN and MOON SUA have done something so awesome together.' But seriously, no, mom... When I watched the performance, I was like, 'Wow... They're that sort of siblings who really love each other...'"  

SINB and MOON BIN are actually childhood friends―they were part of the children's dance team when they were young, and their parents are also close to one another. 
SINB-Candy in My EarsThen, one fan suggested that he/she would give SINB 10,000 won (approximately 8 dollars) if she performed 'Candy in My Ears' with her older brother.

The K-pop star responded, "Are you kidding me? I won't do it even if you gave me billions of won. It makes me want to throw up just by thinking about it." 

She added, "You know what? I'm satisfied enough about my relationship with my brother―we see each other time to time, and that's honestly good enough for me." 
SINB-Candy in My EarsPreviously, SINB shared that her relationship with her older brother was nothing more than the fact that they are blood-related. 

She even said that she once told him that she loves him, as fans asked her to as part of New Year's mission, but he replied with a meme which meant, "Have you freaking gone completely nuts or something?" 

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