Suzy Shares a Secret to Her Everlasting Beauty

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 1, 2022

Suzy Shares a Secret to Her Everlasting Beauty
K-pop artist/actress Suzy revealed a secret to her youthful as well as captivating beauty. 

On June 30 episode of KBS' television show 'Entertainment Weekly', Suzy's interview was broadcast. 

During the interview, the interviewer talked about Suzy acting as a high school student in her recently-premiered series 'Anna'. 

Then, he asked, "What is your secret to your youthful and mesmerizing beauty, Suzy? Could you please share it with us?" 

Suzy laughed hard and answered, "Well, most importantly, you have to be born with that sort of genes." 

She continued, "When I made debut, I had these bangs that looked almost as if a mouse had nibbled at them. It's kind of embarrassing to say this myself, but a lot of people said that I looked pretty even with those terrible bangs." 
SuzySuzyAfter that, Suzy was asked if she could relate to her character in 'Anna' who lives completely different lives as 'Anna' and 'Yu-mi', each filled with lies. 

Suzy answered, "I would say that we are all very diligent people. 'Yu-mi' is never lazy; she lies and lives a very diligent life as 'Anna'. I could relate to her in that sense, because I'm always working hard myself." 

As she talked about 'Anna'/'Yu-mi' lying, the interviewer wondered whether Suzy lies about certain things in life and Suzy gave her honest answer. 

Suzy said, "I had lied to my personal trainer about how much I ate before. I would tell him/her that I only ate jjamppong (Korean-Chinese spicy noodles) when I actually had jjamppong and tangsuyuk (fried pork with sweet and sour pork)." 

She laughingly added, "Or I would pretend like I'm in a bad mood or I received an important call in front of my personal trainer when I don't want to work out."  

She wrapped up the interview by stating that she would like to be seen as an actress with sincerity, even in 10 years time. 
Suzy(Credit= KBS Entertainment Weekly) 

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