KARD Say, "We Like the Fact that We're Taken as a Unique Group in the K-pop World"

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 1, 2022

KARD Say, "We Like the Fact that We're Taken as a Unique Group in the K-pop World"
K-pop group KARD shared that they like the fact that they are taken as a unique group in the K-pop world. 

On June 30, magazine THE BIG ISSUE released an interview of KARD online. 

During the interview, KARD talked about being the sole boy-girl group within the industry who currently does EDM and moombahton music. 

JIWOO answered, "All thanks to our love from fans, we've become proud of the unique color that KARD has. We deeply appreciate our color now."

SOMIN said, "At one point, I fell in love with moombaton music. I really love moombahton music these days. I believe we have the power and ability to turn any kind of music into our own style, and I'm proud of that." 
KARDThen, BM commented, "We've tried a lot of different genres of music so far, and I came to the conclusion that KARD is just a group that releases good music. There's nothing more that I wish for than that."

Lastly, J.SEPH stated, "I think it's meaningful enough that we're doing moombahton music in Korea." 

KARD released the group's fifth mini album 'Re:' on June 22―the music video for their title track 'Ring the Alarm' surpassed 25 million views on YouTube in only over a week. 
KARDEven before their official debut in July 2017, KARD gained a lot of global attention.

Their pre-released song 'Don't Recall' in February 2017 reached #25 on Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. 

KARD's concert tours have always been filled with fans who were there to listen to various music genres that KARD touched on and combined with K-pop. 
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