BTS JUNGKOOK Shares that He Would Rather Die If He Were to Live Without Passion

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 1, 2022

BTS JUNGKOOK Shares that He Would Rather Die If He Were to Live Without Passion
JUNGKOOK of K-pop boy group BTS shared that he would rather die than live without any passion. 

Recently, a video titled, '77Q 77A' was uploaded on BTS' official YouTube channel. 

In this video, the seven members of BTS―RM, JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, JIMIN, V and JUNGKOOK were seen sitting down to answer 77 random questions. 

Not long after the Q&A began, all of them were asked the same question, "What is your life motto, and why?", JUNGKOOK's answer caught the eye of everyone. 

JUNGKOOK said, "My motto is, 'I would rather die if I were to live without any passion.'" 

He added, "I didn't come up with the specific words myself, but I really do like them. That's why I decided that that was my life motto." 
JUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKThen, JUNGKOOK was asked, "What kind of feeling do you appreciate the most?" 

The BTS member answered, "I would say that it's my desire. If I don't do have any desires, then I wouldn't be doing anything. My desires get me going, and actually get me to do something, whatever that might be." 

He continued, "I think it's important to have the mindset to try out lots of different things in life."

Although his answers were not particularly a big surprise to fans, as they knew how passionate and hard-working he was in everything he did, but it seemed that listening to him made a lot of them take their time to reflect on themselves. 

They left comments such as, "He has such an incredible attitude about life!", "No wonder he's made it that far!", "Success definitely doesn't just come to you like that. He's worked so much for it, and I feel so proud of him!", "Wow, I have great respect for his attitude." and so on. 

(Credit= 'BANGTANTV' YouTube, 'bangtan.official' Facebook) 

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