BTS Members Name the Most Challenging Choreographies of All Time

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 1, 2022

The members of K-pop boy group BTS named the most challenging BTS title tracks to perform on stage.

Recently, Spotify shared the video of their exclusive interview with BTS on their official YouTube channel.
BTSDuring the interview, the seven members of BTS looked back on their musical journey by answering questions about the group's decade-long history.

When asked about their most difficult choreography, V shouted without a single hesitation, "ON!", and JUNGKOOK and J-HOPE also agreed on that.
BTSJUNGKOOK explained, "It is the most challenging track to perform if we perform the dance break version."

When JIN goes, "'IDOL' with its full choreography," JUNGKOOK disagreed and insisted that 'ON' is the most difficult one above all.
BTSV chimed in and named the third song, 'FAKE LOVE', saying, "Performing 'ON' gives us energy, but for 'FAKE LOVE', we have to pour out all of our energy."

Ultimately, SUGA wrapped up the whole argument by saying, "All the lead songs are hard."
BTSYou can watch BTS' 'ON', 'IDOL', and 'FAKE LOVE' dance practice videos below:

(Credit= 'Spotify', 'BANGTANTV' YouTube)

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