Koo Hye Sun Says She Is Preparing a Drama Return

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 4, 2022

Koo Hye Sun
Actress Koo Hye Sun revealed that she is currently in preparation for her return with a new drama series.

On July 4, fashion magazine MAG & JINA dropped photos from their recent photo shoot with Koo Hye Sun.
Koo Hye SunDuring the interview with the magazine, Koo Hye Sun revealed that she is planning on making her actress return soon.

Koo Hye Sun said, "This year marks my 20th debut anniversary, and I want to be remembered as an artist who paves her own way to the public."

She added, "I'm currently in preparation for a drama return. Since it will be my first acting project in a while, I'm putting much efforts to present an impactful character."
Koo Hye SunKoo Hye SunAside from her acting career, Koo Hye Sun made her debut as a filmmaker, painter, as well as a writer.

She recently received the Audiences' Choice award at the 'Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022' with her short film 'Dark Yellow'.
Koo Hye Sun(Credit= MAG & JINA, 'kookoo900' Instagram)

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