aespa KARINA's Strong Appetite Sparks Debate Online

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 4, 2022

People are debating over KARINA of K-pop girl group aespa's unbelievably strong appetite.

On July 2 episode of MBC's reality show 'Omniscient Interfering View', aespa's KARINA and WINTER joined as guests.

During the show, KARINA made everyone at the studio gasp in shock by revealing her strong appetite.
KARINAKARINA said, "When I eat a lot, I really eat a lot."

When asked how many bags of instant noodles she could eat, KARINA shared that she once ate three bags of instant noodles.
KARINAShe explained, "I once ate three bags of spicy instant noodles all by myself. I ate two bags first, and made myself another one."

Shortly after the episode was aired, fans debated whether KARINA's appetite is staged or not.

They commented, "Three? I consider myself as a good eater, but I can barely finish one.", "She probably means the maximum amount, not her usual amount."
KARINAOthers claimed that her strong appetite is not too surprising, considering the amount of calories K-pop stars would burn on a daily basis.

One of the comments include, "I remember OH MY GIRL's MIMI saying that she ate two bags of instant noodles, two kimbap rolls, and ice cream at once when she was a trainee. She wouldn't gain weight as she practiced dancing all the time."
KARINA(Credit= MBC Omniscient Interfering View, 'aespa_official' Instagram)

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