Song Ji-hyo Gets Furious as It Is Revealed Jeon So Min Imagines Going Out with Kim Jong-kook

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 5, 2022

Song Ji-hyo Gets Furious as It Is Revealed Jeon So Min Imagines Going Out with Kim Jong-kook
Actress Song Ji-hyo became furious after finding out that actress Jeon So Min thinks about being together with singer Kim Jong-kook every now and then. 

On July 5 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the members of 'Running Man' visited Kim Jong-kook's home. 

When they were about to go up to the floor where Kim Jong-kook's home was on, Song Ji-hyo playfully commented, "Welcome to my newly-wed home. I've invited you as well, so enjoy your time at his place." 

Once they got to Kim Jong-kook's home, Song Ji-hyo pressed the numbers on the digital door lock of Kim Jong-kook's home as if she knew the password. 

But it turned out Song Ji-hyo was only pretending, that made the rest of 'Running Man' members laugh and go, "You looked so natural that you've completely fooled us. Why did you do that?!" 
Running ManThen, when they were all sitting down in the living room for a talk, Jeon So Min was seen using two wet wipes. 

Seeing this made Kim Jong-kook angrily tell Jeon So Min, "Don't use too many of them at once!"

Jeon So Min responded, "You know, I sometimes wonder where you use all the money you've earned." 

Kim Jong-kook said, "Well, if I get married, then my wife and kids will spend all that money, but since I'm single..." 
Running ManYu Jae Seok cut in and commented, "It may come to you as a surprise, but So Min actually thinks about dating you, Jong-kook." 

He continued, "I talked to her on the phone like three days ago, and she was like, 'It's not like I imagine it all the time, but I do think of going out with Jong-kook time to time.'" 

To this, Jeon So Min covered her mouth in embarrassment and laughed hard. 

As soon as Song Ji-hyo heard this, she looked at Jeon So Min with anger and stated, "Hey, don't be ridiculous! There's no chance of that happening!" 
Running ManA few moments later, Jeon So Min saw Kim Jong-kook struggling to throw away his old belongings. 

Regarding this, she asked Kim Jong-kook, "Do you find it hard to cut someone off from your life as well, oppa?" 

Yu Jae Seok laughingly said to Jeon So Min, "Why are you keep trying to test Jong-kook? If you keep doing that, then 'Running Man' will turn to chaos!" 

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