VIDEO: STAYC Share Why They Never Lip-sync Their Songs

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 5, 2022

VIDEO: STAYC Share Why They Never Lip-sync Their Songs
K-pop girl group STAYC shared why they never lip-sync their songs even when their performances require lots of dance moves. 

On July 4, a new video was uploaded on STAYC's official YouTube channel. 

The video showed STAYC members and their producer having a conversation about their upcoming single 'WE NEED LOVE', and while doing so, the producer mentioned the fact that they always sing live. 
STAYCAbout this, SIEUN commented, "We sing live at all times, because it's natural for us to do so." 

SUMIN added, "Yeah, it's really just natural for us to sing live. We don't feel like we've performed if we don't sing live on stage." 

YOON stated, "Should there be a reason why we sing live? We sing live, as we're singers." 

J also said, "We don't have the same kind of energy when we don't sing live." 

SIEUN nodded and said, "That's right. That's why we sing live even when we're shooting a music video. The camera can capture the subtle difference in our energy when we're singing live and lip-syncing." 

The producer laughed and responded, "Oh, that explains why your voice was gone every time you returned from the music video shooting." 
STAYCYOON said, "We had stayed up two nights in a row before 'Dream Concert' this year. None of us had the best voice to sing live, so we were all worried about our performance." 

She continued, "But as soon as we went up the stage to perform, we immediately forgot about the condition of our throat. When we finished our performance, we were like, 'Since when did our throat hurt? It's perfectly normal.'"  

To this, every member agreed and said, "Our throat had gotten better after our performance." 

Meanwhile, STAYC is scheduled to make a comeback with the group's third single 'WE NEED LOVE' on July 19. 

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