VIDEO: Lee Hyo-ri Turns Into Herself from 'U-Go-Girl' Days & She Looks Just like the Past

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 5, 2022

VIDEO: Lee Hyo-ri Turns Into Herself from 'U-Go-Girl' Days & She Looks Just like the Past
K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri turned herself into the time from 'U-Go-Girl' period, and she looks just like that time. 

On July 2, a short film 'Superstar Lee Hyo-ri' was uploaded on actor Koo Kyo Kwan and director Lee Ok-seob's YouTube channel. 

In this film, Lee Hyo-ri acted herself in the present time as well as the past when she was pretty much in the prime of her life―when she was sweeping the K-pop scene with her solo tracks.

Particularly, she styled herself from the time when she was busily promoting her mega-hit track 'U-Go-Girl' in 2008. 

In this part of the film, Lee Hyo-ri thought back to the time when she visited a fan's home. 

She was seen having a conversation with a fan, and giving a special gift to her. 

Lee Hyo-ri had put on large accessories, pink cardigan, pink mini skirt and brown long boots, and put on the same make-up and wig from 2008. 

Even though she is in her 40s now, she perfectly managed to replicate herself from the past when she was in her 20s. 

Her style also did not look as if they were out of style; in fact, she looked fashionable and stylish like that. 

Upon seeing this film, everyone agreed that Lee Hyo-ri is always going to be Lee Hyo-ri. 

They left comments such as, "Am I the only one getting old or what?", "This shows why Lee Hyo-ri has always been a superstar since her debut.", "How does she look just like the past? Wow." and so on. 

(Credit= '[2x9HD]구교환X이옥섭' 'Stone Music Entertainment' YouTube) 

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