Lee Minho's Diving Attempt Makes Fans Burst Into Laughter

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 5, 2022

Lee Minho
Actor Lee Minho poked fun at himself with an Instagram update of his somewhat sloppy diving practice.

On July 4, Lee Minho took to his personal Instagram and shared photos and a video of himself that were taken at a swimming pool.

Along with a caption that reads, "I mastered diving this summer," Lee Minho first shared a video of him attempting to make the perfect diving pose.
Lee MinhoHowever, the actor got the timing wrong, and eventually slip-landed with his face down on the water.
Lee MinhoLee MinhoIn another post, Lee Minho shared a pair of selfies by the pool and wrote, "Exhausted."
Lee MinhoWhile most of his fans find his diving attempt funny, many fans praised him for not taking everything too seriously; while most people tend to brag and show off their "perfect" sides on social media.

The comments include, "No worries, Minho, we still love you.", "That's actually so adorable.", "Looking great as always!", and more.

(Credit= 'actorleeminho' Instagram)

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