VIDEO: TWICE NAYEON Shares that She Gets Stressed Because of Her Shy Personality

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 5, 2022

VIDEO: TWICE NAYEON Shares that She Gets Stressed Because of Her Shy Personality
NAYEON of K-pop girl group TWICE shared that she gets stressed due to her shy personality. 

Recently, a video of NAYEON was uploaded on a popular YouTube channel. 

In this video, NAYEON was seen speaking to entertainer Lee Yong-jin and dancer Gabee about her concerns. 
NAYEONNAYEON said, "I'm here to talk to you about my shy personality. I find the first half of shooting a television show really difficult, because I don't know anyone. The second half isn't as bad, since there was a period when I got to know them better." 

She continued, "I've been misunderstood by many people due to my shy personality, especially during my early debut days. As you know, TWICE's songs are all very bright. I would make a happy smile on stage, then when I'm not on stage, I would usually keep a straight face." 

She resumed, "Because of that, I've been told off by my staff a lot. It's not like I care what others think of me, really. It's just that I find that kind of environment, where I'm surrounded by people I don't know, suffocating." 

The K-pop star added, "My fans expect me to come up with something to say to them when we're at fan signing events as well. I find that hard. It's hard for me to make small talk." 
NAYEONAfter listening to her worries, Gabee commented, "Maybe you should start practicing telling everyone about your shy personality. If you told them and ask for their understanding in advance, then it's probably going to be no problem." 

NAYEON responded, "Yes. I do want to let everybody know that they can talk to me first. I'm not a mean and cold person, although my facial expression shows otherwise. I simply need some time before I become close to someone." 

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