Park Bo Gum's Eye-catching High School Photos Get Re-visited

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 5, 2022

Park Bo Gum's Eye-catching High School Photos Get Re-visited
Everybody is talking about actor Park Bo Gum's photos from high school. 

Recently, one fan of Park Bo Gum compiled photos of the actor from high school and posted them on a popular online community.

There are usually only a few past photos that are released of celebrities, but it was not like the case with Park Bo Gum. 

Park Bo Gum surprisingly had countless photos from the past, especially those from high school.

There were photos of him wearing casual clothes as well as school uniform, taken at various times. 
Park Bo GumPark Bo GumPark Bo GumBorn and raised in Mok-dong, Seoul, he was much known among nearby school students around his age for his good looks then. 

Although it was before he had made debut, he was unbelievably popular in the area. 

It is said that he was one of the 'F4' (four flower-like good-looking guys from drama 'Boys over Flowers') at Shinmok High School. 

In his high school photos, he looks playful and friendly as well; his appearance was not the only reason why he was so popular. 

Park Bo Gum used to take a bus to his high school, and some shared that they used to keep a record of Park Bo Gum's bus timetable to get on the same bus as him, seeming like the actor had a fan club even before his official debut. 
Park Bo GumPark Bo GumAfter seeing these compiled photos, fans left comments such as, "Whoa! Why was there nobody like him in my school?! LOL.", "Wish I went to the same high school as Bo Gum!", "Wow, he's so perfect!" and so on.

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