SOYOU Talks About the Time When She Fought with Yoon Bo-ra over a Stage Outfit

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 6, 2022

SOYOU Talks About the Time When She Fought with Yoon Bo-ra over a Stage Outfit
SOYOU, formerly of disbanded K-pop girl group SISTAR, spoke about the fight she had with another former member of SISTAR Yoon Bo-ra over their stage outfit. 

On July 5 episode of SBS' television show 'Four Men', SOYOU made a guest appearance. 

While on the topic of getting into a fight with fellow group members, SOYOU recalled a moment from the past when she got into one with Yoon Bo-ra. 

SOYOU said, "I fought with Bo-ra in the past. I guess it's more like a misunderstanding than a fight, but it kind of felt like a fight in a way. So, it happened before our performance. Our stylists showed me some outfits to wear on that day. After choosing one, I re-styled my hair for that particular outfit." 

She continued, "Then, I left the room to go to the restroom. When I came back though, Bo-ra was wearing the outfit that I chose. She didn't know that I chose that one, because she wasn't around earlier, but I got slightly annoyed and told the stylist, 'I said I wanted to wear that.' The stylist was like, 'But Bo-ra said she wanted to wear it, so...'" 

She went on, "It wasn't like I could ask Bo-ra to take the outfit off, so I got quite upset. Bo-ra stood, looking confused between us. I walked out of the room to get some air. It wasn't my intention, but the door slammed shut behind me, because it was really windy at that time." 
SOYOUSOYOUThen, SOYOU shared that she was not in the mood to go back in there and explain that, "If I wasn't in a bad mood, I would have opened the door and said the door slammed shut due to a strong wind, but I just didn't want to." 

The K-pop artist resumed, "Later, when I returned to the room, Bo-ra said to me, 'SOYOU, I know you were angry, but it still doesn't give you the right to slam the door like that. You wear this outfit, okay?'" 

She added, "I told her then, 'I didn't mean to slam the door. It was the wind. It's okay, you wear the outfit.' She responded, 'I was really surprised.' We were able to straighten out the misunderstanding after that. We usually make up quickly like this."  
SOYOUSISTAR made debut in June 2010, and announced their official disbandment in May 2017; the four members have been focusing on building their own career in the industry since then. 

(Credit= SBS Four Men, 'borabora_sugar' Instagram)

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