Yoona Reveals that She Cried While Recording Girls' Generation's First Album in 5 Years

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 6, 2022

Yoona Reveals that She Cried While Recording Girls' Generation's First Album in 5 Years
Yoona of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation shared that she cried while recording the group's upcoming album. 

On July 5, the first episode of Girls' Generation's reality show 'Sositamtam' was broadcast. 

When the girls were heading to their next destination in a van together, Tiffany asked the members how their recording for their album went.

Yoona answered, "I was almost the last one to record the songs. I got goosebumps as I listened to the songs. Our members' voice sounded so harmonious with one another." 

She continued, "I was like, 'Hey, look. It's Girls' Generation. We're here again...' and couldn't hold my tears back. I just cried." 

Sooyoung added, "Ah yes, I know what you mean by that. When our voices meet, we create a beautiful sound. I love the sound of us singing together." 

Tiffany agreed and said, "Definitely. We sounded truly beautiful, indeed."
Girls' GenerationGirls' GenerationLater on, they took time to read fans' response to their industry return.

While they were reading the responses, Sooyoung came across a comment that said, "I'm totally looking forward to watching your fancam in 4K!" 

Sooyoung read this out loud and asked, "What's 4K fancam?", which surprised all members. 

Taeyeon responded in surprise, "Oh my... Which year are you from? These days, broadcasting stations film each member's fancam during a performance, then upload that in high-definition online." 

To this, Sooyoung commented, "Oh, does that mean we have to perform again for the fancam?" 

Everyone shook their heads to Sooyoung's question, then Hyoyeon stated with a big sigh, "I don't think I can promote with Sooyoung, guys. She doesn't know anything!" 

Sooyoung burst out laughing and said, "I'm sure I'm not the only one here who doesn't know the current stuff in K-pop!" 

Tiffany laughingly commented, "I mean, we know about the 4K fancam, but it does seem like broadcasting stations implemented a lot of new systems since we last promoted." 
Girls' GenerationGirls' GenerationGirls' Generation is scheduled to make a comeback this August; it will be their first album in five years. 

This August marks Girls' Generation's 15th debut anniversary. 

(Credit= JTBC Sositamtam, 'yoona__lim' Instagram) 

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