Lee Ji-ahn Complains About Her Older Brother Lee Byung Hun Being a Nitpicker

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 6, 2022

Lee Ji-ahn Complains About Her Older Brother Lee Byung Hun Being a Nitpicker
Model Lee Ji-ahn revealed that her older brother actor Lee Byung Hun is a complete nitpicker. 

On July 5 episode of TV CHOSUN's television show 'The Miracle Habits' (literal translation), Lee Ji-ahn talked about Lee Byung Hun. 
The Miracle HabitsDuring the talk, one host asked Lee Ji-ahn, "Your older brother is Lee Byung-hun. Did many people make comments on the looks of the two of you when you were little?" 

Lee Ji-ahn answered, "When we were young, everyone in our town thought we were mixed. But they thought I was Korean-Caucasian because I was really pale, whereas they thought my brother was Korean-Filipino due to his darker skin color." 

She continued, "We looked totally different like that.", then laughingly added, "I was much more good-looking than him then! He couldn't even come close to me!" 

In response to this, veteran entertainer Son Beom-soo commented, "Well, Byung Hun has become much more handsome compared to the time when he was young." 

He resumed, "Byung Hun was quite chubby in his youth as well. He's really become something now. It's very surprising!" 
The Miracle HabitsThen, they watched a video that showed how Lee Ji-ahn spends a day at home to analyze her lifestyle. 

In the video, Lee Ji-ahn was seen looking at a photo album with her dogs around. 

As she spotted her past photos taken with Lee Byung Hun, she showed them to her dogs and said a hilarious thing to them. 

Lee Ji-ahn said, "Oh, what? What is he doing here next to me?! You recognize your uncle, right? He's the nitpicker one, remember him?" 

She added, "Let's move on to another photo quickly. He honestly nitpicks too much.", and shook her head side-to-side.

As the host Kim Hwan watched her say this in the video, he commented, "He must've nitpicked you a lot." 

Lee Ji-ahn frowned and answered, "Yes, he did a lot. He's a total nitpicker!" 
The Miracle Habits(Credit= TV CHOSUN The Miracle Habits) 

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