Jeon So Min Claps Back at a Hater Asking Her to Leave 'Running Man'

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 6, 2022

Jeon So Min
Actress Jeon So Min clapped back at a hater by pinning the hater's comment left on her Instagram.

On July 3, Jeon So Min took to her personal Instagram and shared a video clip of herself taken during the filming of SBS 'Running Man'.

Along with the video, Jeon So Min asked her fans to watch 'Running Man' as well as her latest drama 'Cleaning Up'.
Jeon So MinShortly after the post was made, one hater left a comment that reads, "Please, get out of 'Running Man'."

Instead of leaving a comment, Jeon So Min gracefully handled the whole situation by pinning the hate comment to the top of her comment section.
Jeon So MinHer fans, instead, flocked to the comment section and showed support for the actress.

The comments include, "I can't picture a single 'Running Man' episode without you. Ignore the haters, unnie!", "Why are they still doing this hassle? She is the funniest among the members.", "She is so cute and funny in the show.", and many more.

Since the beginning of her activities as a fixed member of 'Running Man', Jeon So Min has continuously been receiving hate comments asking her to leave the show.
Jeon So Min(Credit= 'jsomin86' Instagram, SBS Running Man)

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