Former MOMOLAND Daisy Angrily Claims, "Guys, I Didn't Leave the Group, I Was Fired!"

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 7, 2022

Former MOMOLAND Daisy Angrily Claims, "Guys, I Didn't Leave the Group, I Was Fired!"
Daisy, formerly of K-pop girl group MOMOLAND, clarified that she did not leave the group, but her former agency kicked her out. 

On July 3, Daisy went live on TikTok to spend some time with fans. 

While having a conversation, Daisy read one fan's comment asking about her leave from MOMOLAND.

As soon as Daisy read this comment out loud, she stated in English with a little anger, "Guys, for the love of God, I did not leave. I was fired. Fired! Okay?" 

She continued, "It's been so long, I know. Everything's great. It's all good, it's okay now." 

Then, she laughingly added, "I don't know why though. If I knew, I probably would have tried not to get fired. I didn't know you could get fired for that. I honestly didn't know." 

Back in February 2019, Daisy was stirred up in dating rumors with SONG of boy group iKON. 

At that time, Daisy's agency MLD Entertainment confirmed that they had been in a relationship for three months, but SONG's agency YG Entertainment shared that although it was true the two stars had gone on several dates, they were not together. 

Then in March 2019 when MOMOLAND made a comeback, MLD Entertainment stated that Daisy was going on hiatus due to personal reasons. 

Later that year, the agency announced that they were in talks with Daisy regarding her departure from the group, then they eventually revealed that she left MOMOLAND. 
MOMOLANDThrough a press interview in January 2020, Daisy told what went on during her hiatus, including how her agency forced her to go on a break. 

She also said that MLD Entertainment demanded a settlement fee of 1.1 billion won (approximately 840,000 dollars) when terminating their contract. 

In the end, Daisy filed a lawsuit against MLD Entertainment regarding their conflict over payment in the beginning of 2020, and about a year and a half later, the court ruled in favor of Daisy. 

The court ordered her former agency to give Daisy her unpaid wages amounting 79 million won (approximately 60,000 dollars), but MLD Entertainment filed an appeal to review the case further. 
MOMOLAND(Credit= 'daisiesforyu' TikTok, MLD Entertainment)  

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