Park Kyung-rim Says, "I Made Excuses to Practice Loving Scenes with Zo In Sung More than We Needed to"

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 7, 2022

Park Kyung-rim Says, "I Made Excuses to Practice Loving Scenes with Zo In Sung More than We Needed to"
Entertainer Park Kyung-rim shared that she used to make excuses to practice loving scenes with actor Zo In Sung more than they needed to. 

On July 6, tvN's television show 'You Quiz on the Block' released a trailer for the show's next episode. 

In the trailer, the next week's guest Park Kyung-rim was seen talking about the time when she led 'New Nonstop'. 

'New Nonstop' is MBC's hit sitcom 'New Nonstop' that aired from 2000 until 2002, where Park Kyung-rim and Zo In Sung acted as a couple. 

At that time, every girl in Korea was jealous of Park Kyung-rim, because she got to film lots of loving scenes, including kissing scenes with Zo In Sung. 
Park Kyung-rimAbout this, Park Kyung-rim brightly smiled and said, "When I first heard that I was going to act in the sitcom as Zo In Sung's girlfriend, I couldn't be happier." 

She continued, "There was no reason why I would be like, 'No, I don't want to do that.', you know. It was just a great role for me."

Then, Park Kyung-rim laughingly shared what kind of excuses she made to spend more time acting lovey-dovey couple moments with Zo In Sung. 

Park Kyung-rim stated, "I told him, 'We don't have feelings for each other in real life, but we should practice our loving scenes before the shooting so that we can save time when we are really shooting them.'"

She resumed, "I was like, 'Don't you think? Let's keep practicing our scenes before the actual shooting.' After we practiced together, I would ask him what he thought of it, then would be like, 'Do you want to practice it one more time?'", then laughed. 

Upon hearing her honest story from the past, the hosts Yu Jae Seok and Cho Sae-ho burst into laughter. 

Then, Yu Jae Seok commented, "I did hear Zo In Sung telling everybody that you taught him the ways to film loving scenes." 
Park Kyung-rimPark Kyung-rim(Credit= tvN You Quiz on the Block, MBC New Nonstop) 

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