VIDEO: BTS V Makes a Surprise Visit to the Filming Site for J-HOPE's Solo Music Video

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 7, 2022

VIDEO: BTS V Makes a Surprise Visit to the Filming Site for J-HOPE's Solo Music Video
V of K-pop boy group BTS surprised his fellow member J-HOPE at the filming site for his solo music video. 

On July 6, BTS' management agency uploaded a behind-the-scenes footage of J-HOPE's music video shooting. 

On this day, J-HOPE was filming a music video for the title track 'MORE' of his solo single 'Jack in the Box' that was released on July 1. 
VWhen J-HOPE was getting ready for a scene where he had to perform with a band, V entered the site, making J-HOPE surprised. 

As soon as J-HOPE saw V, he smiled ear to ear and asked what brought him all the way here. 

V answered with a shy smile, "I came to see you, of course.", then playfully added, "I'm going to keep an eye on you to see if you are doing well or not."

He carefully watched J-HOPE filming his scene, and after J-HOPE was done filming the scene, V commented, "You were amazing!" 
VThen, V told J-HOPE that he bought some waffles for him to have as snacks, which made J-HOPE go, "You are the best, Tae-hyung(V's real name)!" 

After that, J-HOPE was informed that he was going to film the mannequin challenge with some other people, who will act as office workers. 

Upon hearing this, V excitedly stated, "Maybe I can join the mannequin challenge! Just let me know if you need me. I can pretend to be a mannequin." 

J-HOPE replied, "Really? Are you really okay with that? You have no make-up on today. I mean, it would be so cool!" 

V laughed and said, "Oh, definitely! It's not a problem. I can be in it without my make-up on." 
VA few moments later, he joined the office workers and took part in the mannequin challenge, and J-HOPE smiled while watching him. 

Following the mannequin challenge, V said goodbye to J-HOPE and everyone there, and left the site. 

When V left, J-HOPE enjoyed having the waffles that V bought for him in the waiting room.

(Credit= 'BANGTANTV' YouTube) 

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