(G)I-DLE YUQI Reveals What K-pop Star's 24-hour Looks Like

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 8, 2022

YUQI of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE revealed the shockingly-hectic yet typical daily routine of a K-pop star.

On July 7, fashion magazine ELLE Korea dropped YUQI's interview clip on their official YouTube channel.
(G)I-DLE YUQIDuring her interview, YUQI exposed the not-so-pretty working condition that K-pop singers must endure during their comeback week.

According to YUQI, they hop onto their van―without any sleep last night―and head to their salon at 1AM.
(G)I-DLE YUQISince (G)I-DLE is a five-member group, it takes around three hours for all members to finish up their hair and make-up.

Then, the group head to the broadcasting station around 4AM, and arrive at around 5 to 6AM.

This is when the members are able to get a bit of sleep.
(G)I-DLE YUQIAfter a series of rehearsals for two hours, they usually film additional VCR contents and get a quick break for a couple of hours.

It's usually around 7 to 8PM when they are done with live music show and interviews.
(G)I-DLE YUQI(G)I-DLE YUQIYUQI surprisingly added, "That's not the end. If we have a fan signing event, that would end around 9 to 10PM."

The (G)I-DLE member shared that although she is downright exhausted at this point, but tries to finish her pampering routine and monitoring her performance before going to bed.

You can watch YUQI's interview below:

(Credit= 'ELLE KOREA' YouTube, CUBE Entertainment)

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