MBLAQ Mir Tells Why He Thinks No K-pop Groups Should Disband Because One Wants to Go Solo

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 8, 2022

MBLAQ Mir Tells Why He Thinks No K-pop Groups Should Disband Because One Wants to Go Solo
K-pop boy group MBLAQ's member Mir shared why he thinks no K-pop groups should disband simply because one wants to go solo. 

Recently, one past video of Mir started going around online among K-pop fans. 

It was a video of Mir sharing his opinion on the reasons he believes why K-pop groups disband, and why they should not. 

In the video, Mir said, "The first reason that I can think of is money. Usually, the members don't have a problem with each other about money. It's a problem with the company. Following contract expiration, each member will have a talk with their company, and they all have their own ways that they want the company to divide the earnings." 

He continued, "After the talk, some will end up leaving the company, while others stay. Sometimes, this will lead to the members distant with each other due to their different opinion." 

He went on, "Another reason is when one or more members want to go solo. What I personally want to tell them is that they're the most beautiful when they're part of the team." 

The K-pop explained, "Some does better as a soloist than a team, so I definitely understand how they feel. Yes, they can go solo, but keep the team at the same time. That's what I want to tell them. They don't need to go out of the team to go solo. They can do their solo stuff, then join the team for the team stuff, you know." 
MirMirThen, Mir revealed how he felt as boy group god's big fan when a few members of boy group god turned to acting in the past. 

Mir stated, "Back in the day, I was a huge fan of god. They went on a break for years at one point. At that time, a few turned to acting. Although I loved and supported each of them, I was scared that I would never be able to listen to their music with all of them again. Just like me, there are many fans out there who loves the group itself." 

"The day that my promotions as MBLAQ came to an end, I was really confident that I would do well by myself. But soon after, I became really stressed and depressed. I still can't listen to MBLAQ's songs because they take me back to that time when fans loved that MBLAQ, all of us together.", he resumed. 

He added, "It hurts me to see K-pop groups disband for these reasons. I feel like they'll regret their decision in the future." 

MBLAQ entered the K-pop industry in October 2009; the group's debut track 'Oh Yeah' was a mega-hit track. 

The two members of the group―Lee Joon and CHEONDUNG left the group in 2014, and MBLAQ made a fresh start as a 3-member group following that. 

However, the group has not been active for over five years since early 2017. 

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