VIDEO: WINNER HOON· MINO Get Sad About People Saying YG Ent. Artists Are Not Good-looking

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 8, 2022

VIDEO: WINNER HOON· MINO Get Sad About People Saying YG Ent. Artists Are Not Good-looking
K-pop boy group WINNER were seen getting sad about people saying the artists under YG Entertainment are not good-looking. 

On July 7, a video of WINNER was uploaded on one popular YouTube channel. 

In this video, the members of WINNER―JINU, YOON, MINO and HOONY read and responded to writings about themselves on Korean Wikipedia. 
WINNERWhile reading about JINU, they read that JINU gained attention for his great looks even before his debut, and he had become more handsome after debut. 

It also said that JINU has a unique nickname―'the kind of face which the head of SM Entertainment Lee Soo-man would go wild for'. 

HOONY commented, "But you know, when I hear something like this, I feel like they are saying that YG Entertainment artists aren't so great, appearance-wise."

He laughingly continued, "It's like, when they look at JINU, they think, 'How is someone like JINU under YG Entertainment? That's just unbelievable!'" 

Then, he put his arm around MINO's shoulders, who was sitting next to him, and asked, "What does that make us then?" 
WINNERMINO pretended to click some buttons on Wikipedia and responded, "Hey, let's report this part of the information!" 

HOONY laughingly stated, "I mean, I'm aware that there are many good-looking K-pop stars at SM Entertainment, but this is just... Ah..." 

MINO complained, "Guys, I have the definite 'YG Entertainment look', okay?"

As he pulled a sad face, everyone in the studio burst out laughing. 

SM Entertainment is known for debuting K-pop groups consisting of exceptionally good-looking members.

K-pop fans even say that there is a preferred appearance by SM Entertainment, and they call it the 'SM Entertainment look'.

On the contrary, YG Entertainment generally see their artists' talent and overall style rather than look for a particular look when scouting them; JINU has always been called the 'SM Entertainment look K-pop star under YG Entertainment'. 

(Credit= '1theK Originals - 원더케이 오리지널' YouTube)  

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