VIDEO: One Fan Gets Caught Recording at a Fan Signing Event; Kino Sweetly Reacts

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 8, 2022

VIDEO: One Fan Gets Caught Recording at a Fan Signing Event; Kino Sweetly Reacts
Kino of K-pop boy group PENTAGON unintentionally caught a fan secretly recording their conversation at a fan signing event, and showed the sweetest response to it. 

Recently, one past video of Kino from a fan signing event resurfaced on social media. 

In this video, a female fan and Kino were having a conversation together while he held her right hand. 
KinoWhen their conversation was coming to an end, Kino petted the hand that he was holding while thanking her for the support. 

She was wearing a smartwatch on the wrist, Kino unconsciously tapped the watch twice and the screen came on. 

But because she was secretly recording their conversation, the screen showed the voice recorder application, making the fan blush and sweat.
KinoKino immediately realized what was going on, and he burst out laughing and lowered his head. 

Then, he covered his mouth and commented, "Oh, I'm so sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry! It's just a habit of mine. I honestly didn't mean to do that! Sorry!" 

After saying this, he laughed and buried his head on the desk in front of him as if he felt embarrassed. 

To the fan's surprise, Kino then leaned closer to the watch and whispered, "I love you." 

At the end of the video, she added that her mind was a total blank after Kino caught her recording their talk. 
Since she was actually not allowed to record at the fan signing event, Kino could have gotten annoyed, but he laughed hard and gave her a special gift instead. 

Kino's sweetest response to the unexpected situation with a fan made a lot of fans' smile. 

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