William·Bentley Plan to Hold Fan Meeting in the Philippines & Share Summer Vacation Plan

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 8, 2022

William·Bentley Plan to Hold Fan Meeting in the Philippines & Share Summer Vacation Plan
Korea-based New Zealander Australian comedian Sam Hammington's two sons―William and Bentley Hammington are heading to South East Asia and Australia for a fan meeting as well as family trip. 

On July 6, Sam Hammington uploaded two photos of his sons on Instagram. 

The photos showed the Hammington brothers posing together wearing a customized t-shirt that had a drawing of the Hammington family in the corner. 

On the back of the t-shirt, it said, "The Hammingtons." in a big writing. 
HammingtonsAlong with these photos, Sam Hammington wrote, "Boys looking fantastic wearing our Manila fan meeting merchandise. We hope you love the designs." 

He added, "William and Bentley had heaps of fun doodling them. We're all stoked for July 17. See you!", informing fans in the Philippines about their upcoming visit for a fan meeting in the capital city Manila in less than two weeks time. 
HammingtonsPreviously, Sam Hammington's wife Yumi Hammington shared an update on her Instagram about their family vacation this summer. 

She posted a photo of William and Bentley Hammington having a freeze pop in the back seat of a van. 

Then, Yumi Hammington wrote, "It's their summer holiday, but we have a busy schedule, so we left home early today. It's because we're traveling abroad soon." 

She continued, "We'll be heading to Singapore, the Philippines and Australia for our summer vacation. They're already so excited about it." 

She went on, "I'm excited too, but I'm a little stressed out at the same time, since we have to pack both summer and winter clothes. Anyway, I guess William, Sam and I are going to be spending our birthday outside Korea this year!" 
Hammingtons(Credit= 'samhammington' 'yumihammington' Instagram) 

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