"She's a Nurse" aespa KARINA Shares Her Older Sister Is Prettier than She Is

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 11, 2022

"She's a Nurse" aespa KARINA Shares Her Older Sister Is Prettier than She Is
KARINA of K-pop girl group aespa revealed that her older sister is prettier than her, making everyone surprised. 

On July 9 episode of MBC's television show 'The Manager', aespa made a special appearance. 

In this episode, the members of aespa were seen getting ready for their music show performance at a beauty salon. 
KARINAWhile KARINA were getting her make-up done, she asked the make-up artist whether she knows about the Tamagotchi―popular digital toy in the past. 

The make-up artist responded in surprise, "Of course I know what the Tamagotchi is! How do you know it though? You're not from that time." 

KARINA laughed and replied, "Well, it's because I have an older sister." 

The make-up artist commented, "Oh, you mean the older sister who you always tell me that she's prettier than you?" 

KARINA nodded with a shy smile and said, "My sister says she feels really uncomfortable and pressured that she's my sister. Nobody at her work knows I'm her sister. She's still keeping that to herself." 
KARINATo this, Song Eun-yi in the studio asked KARINA, "What kind of job does she have?", which KARINA answered, "She's a nurse." 

KARINA continued, "Below her workplace, there is a coffee shop that she often goes to with her co-workers, and aespa songs are apparently played there sometimes." 

She went on, "When the songs are played, her co-workers dance to them, and she told me that feels really weird.", then laughed.  
KARINAKARINA was born in 2000, and her older sister is said to be five years older than she is―born in 1995.  

(Credit= SM Entertainment, MBC The Manager)

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