VIDEO: Song Ji-hyo Shares that She Actually Cut Her Hair Short When She Was Drunk

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 11, 2022

VIDEO: Song Ji-hyo Shares that She Actually Cut Her Hair Short When She Was Drunk
Actress Song Ji-hyo shared that she actually cut her hair short after having some drinks. 

On July 8, a video of Song Ji-hyo was uploaded on one popular YouTube channel. 

While the host Kim Yong-jin and Song Ji-hyo were speaking together, Kim Yong-jin asked why she cut her hair short all of a sudden. 

Kim Yong-jin said, "Usually, many people cut their hair that short after a breakup or something like that. Did anything like that happened to you? Is that why?" 

Song Ji-hyo laughed and answered, "No, no. Shall I just be honest with you? Okay, I'll be completely honest with you. I actually had a lot of drinks on that day." 

She continued, "When I returned home, I got angry with everything in life all of a sudden. So, I got those scissors that I used to cut a toothpaste and make-up products out, and just started cutting my hair." 

She laughed and added, "Let me apologize to my stylists. They didn't do my hair at that time, everyone. Don't say anything bad to them." 
Song Ji-hyoSong Ji-hyoTo this, Kim Yong-jin responded, "Besides cutting your hair like that when you are drunk, do you have any other drinking habits?" 

Song Ji-hyo laughingly commented, "Ah yes, well... There was this time when I went to the restroom during an after-work meal. For some reason, I just ran out the restaurant as fast as I could following my restroom use." 

She went on, "My manager, and the cameraman for the show chased after me, trying to stop me. I passed a street chicken place then, and a few days later, I went to buy some chicken there, and the owner said to me, 'Oh, you aren't running today.' It was really embarrassing!" 

Kim Yong-jin stated with a laugh, "Did you think you were filming 'Running Man' or something?", making Song Ji-hyo laugh hard. 

(Credit= '스튜디오 와플 - STUDIO WAFFLE' YouTube) 

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