VIDEO: HOSHI Cries His Eyes Out While Stating How Much He Loves His Agency

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 11, 2022

VIDEO: HOSHI Cries His Eyes Out While Stating How Much He Loves His Agency
HOSHI of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN cried his eyes out while saying he loves his agency. 

On July 8, a video of HOSHI was uploaded on a YouTube channel run by rapper Lee Young Ji. 

Quite some time after HOSHI and Lee Young Ji started having some drinks together, they got a little drunk over the alcohol. 

That was when Lee Young Ji asked HOSHI about his love for SEVENTEEN. 
HOSHIHOSHI answered, "All 13 of us are really close to each other, and I'm not lying at all. I realized this even more when we renewed our contract with the agency not too long ago. I had a strong belief that we would all renew the contract." 

He continued, "Although all members of a group may be close, it's not easy for every one of them to come up with the same decision about contract renewal, because each of them have a different opinion." 

He carried on, "One might side with me when they hear what I think, but when they hear another one's thoughts, they might side with them. There is no specific answer to anything. We just have to keep adjusting to one another."

The K-pop star resumed, "I haven't said this anywhere, but there were times when I wanted to give up. There are lots of shows where we have to smile and laugh, and at one point, I kept wondering if I could continue doing that." 

He added, "To me though, SEVENTEEN members are friends who I can communicate and be with for a long time―kind of like friends for life rather than family members." 
HOSHIThen, HOSHI covered his face to hide his tears and said, "But I just want to say, I love our agency PLEDIS Entertainment. They've supported us since the days when we were nothing. They gave us so much support since then." 

He suddenly cried so hard and commented, "I really do. I truly love my agency." 

Debuted in May 2015, PLEDIS Entertainment announced the renewal of SEVENTEEN's contract in July last year.  

All 13 members renewed their contract with PLEDIS Entertainment. 

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