"I Felt like I Was Looking at My Brother" Well-known Lookalikes NCT JUNGWOO·WJSN SEOLA Meet

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 11, 2022

"I Felt like I Was Looking at My Brother" Well-known Lookalikes NCT JUNGWOO·WJSN SEOLA Meet
The well-known lookalikes JUNGWOO of K-pop boy group NCT and SEOLA of girl group WJSN finally met each other. 

On July 9 episode of MBC's music show 'Show! Music Core', WJSN went to perform their latest title track 'Last Sequence'. 

Before their performance, they were invited to the interview room for a brief interview with the hosts JUNGWOO, actress Kim Min Ju and YOON of boy group WINNER. 

At that time, SEOLA happened to stand next to JUNGWOO, and all K-pop fans went wild seeing these two.

It was because it has been a long time since they have been saying how much the two stars almost looked like siblings, and this was the first time they were spotted right next to each other. 
JUNGWOO SEOLAWhen a fan once asked SEOLA if she knew her and JUNGWOO resembled one another, SEOLA answered, "When I met him, I was surprised, because we really had a lot of similarities." 

She continued, "I think I'll look very much like him if I cut my hair short. Even if I don't actually cut my hair, I feel like I'll know how I look." 
JUNGWOO SEOLAThen on MBC FM4U's radio show 'Kim Shin-young's Music Party', Kim Shin-young mentioned the interview at 'Show! Music Core' on July 9. 

SEOLA responded, "I happened to stand next to him during the interview, and I felt like I was looking at my brother or something. The members of WJSN couldn't stop talking about it for ages as well."  

SOOBIN commented, "We didn't really know about it before their comparison photos went viral online. We were surprised to discover how much they looked alike." 

In response to this, Kim Shin-young said, "I've seen JUNGWOO with a mask on many times, and he definitely does give off similar vibes as SEOLA. You guys almost look related." 
JUNGWOO SEOLA(Credit= Online Community, MBC Show! Music Core) 

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