Super Junior Share How They Kept the Group for 17 Years

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 12, 2022

Super Junior Share How They Kept the Group for 17 Years
K-pop boy group Super Junior revealed their secret to keeping the group for 17 years. 

On July 12, Super Junior held an online showcase for the release of their 11th album 'THE ROAD : KEEP ON GOING'. 
Super JuniorDuring the showcase, Super Junior was asked how they were able to maintain their group for the last 17 years. 

EunHyuk answered, "I don't think there was any way in particular. All the members endured everything well, that's probably why." 

ShinDong also gave his answer, "If we had to pick a reason, I would say that it's because we have SM Entertainment. We were able to come this far, thanks to the fact that an amazing company supporting us." 

As LeeTeuk asked, "Are you saying that because we need to renew our contract soon?", which ShinDong laughingly responded, "No, no. But I do want to ask the company to give us much payment for our contract renewal. Thank you in advance."
Super JuniorLeeTeuk said, "I believe one other reason why that we were able to stick together for this long is because none of us are that brave. Nobody is like the kind of person who would is like, 'Screw this, I'm totally done with this! This is it for me!'" 

EunHyuk playfully added, "If one leaves to go somewhere for a bit when all of us are together though, the rest of us would start talking behind his back." 

SiWon laughed and stated, "Well, let me carefully put it this way. Our members have great skills that are keys to survive well in this society." 
Super JuniorDebuted in 2005, Super Junior is one of the longest-running groups in the K-pop industry. 

They are the first SM Entertainment K-pop act to drop 11th album. 

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