Fashion Magazine Photographer Praises Song Kang's Personality·Attitude During Overseas Shooting

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 12, 2022

Fashion Magazine Photographer Praises Song Kang's Personality·Attitude During Overseas Shooting
One fashion magazine photographer praised actor Song Kang's amazing personality and attitude that he showed during their overseas shooting. 

On July 11, a fashion magazine photographer of 10 years shared a post about Song Kang on Instagram. 

The photographer stated, "I've met so many celebrities so far. Some of them didn't leave any impression on me, while some made a great or terrible impression. After working with Song Kang for a week in Switzerland, I've been asked what it was like to work with him a lot."

He/she continued, "The weather was unpredictable on the week that we were there. Due to the changing weather, we often had to adjust our schedule, and go to a different location for our shooting. So, everyone was quite drained and stressed out. Despite this, Song Kang joined the staff meal at all times; most celebrities don't. During the meal, he would smile and speak to the staff around. I used to worry about him, thinking that he didn't need to do that." 
Song KangSong KangThen, the photographer stated that he/she is not the type of person who constantly tries to make a conversation with celebrities, which may seem like he/she is unfriendly. 

The photographer said, "I don't tend to do that, because I don't want them to use the little energy they have left on me. This doesn't make me the friendliest companion. But despite having to go on a journey with an unfriendly photographer, Song Kang being such a kind and incredible partner." 

He/she resumed, "Song Kang is honest, thoughtful and kind. He has the ideal way of speaking and behaving around his age. And I would say that it's hard to find someone who speaks and behaves that way who has the amount of fame that he has." 

He/she resumed, "I always spotted Song Kang taking good care of the staff during the whole time we were in Switzerland, and that really made me wonder why he would do more than he should. I felt bad, and thankful at the same time, but I didn't have time to say it to him in person. That's why I've decided to write this on Instagram today." 

Lastly, the photographer added, "Rather than saying that I would root for him at all times, I would like to tell all fans of Song Kang that they can keep giving him support and love, as he is an amazing guy." 
Song Kang(Credit= 'songkang_b' Instagram) 

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