Red Velvet WENDY Gifts Rice Cakes to Fans on Her 1-year Radio Host Debut Anniversary

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 13, 2022

Red Velvet WENDY Gifts Rice Cakes to Fans on Her 1-year Radio Host Debut Anniversary
WENDY of K-pop girl group Red Velvet gifted special rice cakes to fans on her 1-year radio host debut anniversary. 

On July 12, 2021, WENDY started hosting SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Young Street'. 

Last evening marked her 1-year anniversary as a radio host, and a lot of fans gathered at the SBS headquarters to congratulate her on this special day. 
WENDYWENDYAs soon as WENDY got out of her van, she ran to her fans with a big box in her arms. 

Then, she took small boxs of rice cakes with a sticker of her as a radio host on top out, then started giving them out to each fan who came to see her. 

In turn, fans also gave her a bouquet of flowers, letters and other gifts and excitedly congratulated her. 

Before WENDY entered the building, she posed for press photographers. 

That was when she was stunned with a surprise gift from the press photographers―a strawberry cream cake. 
Once she got up to the radio studio, she was once again congratulated by the 'Young Street' staff, who gave her a wreath and customized cake that said, "Huge congratulations to WENDY for being the host of 'Young Street' for a year! Let's keep working together!" 

During the show, her group members―IRENE, JOY, SEULGI and YERI; they all wholeheartedly congratulated her through voice messages as well. 

Following the radio show, WENDY took to her Instagram to express her gratitude to everyone. 

WENDY wrote, "Thank you, 'Young Street'! I'll continue to be the host WENDY who gives off good vibes. Thank you, fans, staff, press photographers and my fellow group members!" 
WENDYWENDY(Credit= 'sbsyoungstreet' 'todayis_wendy' Instagram, 'tsn_photo' '1renebaebae_' Twitter, Online Community) 

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