CHUNG HA & MONSTA X JOOHONEY Spotted Attending a Wedding Together

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 13, 2022

CHUNG HA & MONSTA X JOOHONEY Spotted Attending a Wedding Together
K-pop artist CHUNG HA and JOOHONEY of boy group MONSTA X went to a wedding together. 

Recently, photos from one wedding last year were uploaded online. 

The wedding took place in early October last year, and it is said that the bride was CHUNG HA's friend. 

CHUNG HA attended this wedding, and she was accompanied by JOOHONEY. 
CHUNG HA and JOOHONEYCHUNG HA wore a white blouse and black skirt, while JOOHONEY wore complete black clothes with a black hat and mask. 

With him wrapped up in all black like that, it was kind of hard to recognize who he was. 

At the wedding, JOOHONEY was seen shaking hands with the bride, and saying hi to her friends, looking as if they knew each other well. 

JOOHONEY did not stand for photos with the just-married couple, but CHUNG HA did. 

And CHUNG HA sang for the couple on this day―it seemed like the bride was her close friend. 
CHUNG HA and JOOHONEYSince the two stars seemed to be such great friends with other friends knowing them, fans are wondering how and when they got so close to one another, and what their relationship is. 

Some are even wondering if they are dating, and wondering JOOHONEY knows CHUNG HA's friends because they have hung out in the past. 
CHUNG HA and JOOHONEY(Credit= Online Community) 

(SBS Star)