"We Can Even Get Married Next Week" DAWN Confirms Him & HyunA Are Engaged

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 14, 2022

"We Can Even Get Married Next Week" DAWN Confirms Him & HyunA Are Engaged
K-pop artist DAWN confirmed that him and his longtime girlfriend HyunA are engaged. 

On July 13 episode of MBC's television show 'Radio Star', DAWN made a guest appearance. 

On this day, DAWN talked about their matching rings that he gave HyunA back in February that made everyone think they were engaged. 
DAWNDAWN said, "Before that. I actually had a ring made to give to HyunA, but I wanted to give it to her at a good time, so I waited for that time to come. But then, around that time, she was like, 'Why don't we wear a ring like other couples?'" 

He continued, "When she asked me that, I didn't know how to respond, because I got the ring made without telling her. I soullessly responded to her, and she got really upset. In order to cheer her up, I decided to just give her the ring." 

He went on, "It turned out the ring was made in a wrong size, and the design also wasn't great. After seeing that, I made a decision to get another ring customized for her. That's how those rings from early in the year got produced. I proposed to her with that ring." 
DAWNThen, the hosts asked whether they were planning to get married, and when their wedding was going to be.

DAWN answered, "We haven't decided on a specific date yet, but I have always thought, I would marry HyunA if I were ever to get married." 

He went on, "We are both not the kind of people who make plans in advance, so we can even get married next week. However, we're currently busy with our work, so..." 
DAWNDAWN and HyunA have been together since 2016, and made their relationship public in 2018.

(Credit= MBC Radio Star, P NATION) 

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