The Members of aespa Share How Emotionally Unstable They Felt During Trainee Days

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 14, 2022

The Members of aespa Share How Emotionally Unstable They Felt During Trainee Days
K-pop girl group aespa members shared that they felt very emotionally unstable during trainee days. 

On July 11, one American fashion magazine released an interview of aespa that was held while aespa was visiting New York City for their speech at the U.N. headquarters in the beginning of this month. 
aespaIn this interview, aespa talked about having memories of being inspired by seeing earlier K-pop groups on television. 

WINTER said, "My mom listened to K-pop while she was pregnant. Later, my brother and I would play the fake guitar, sing and dance around to the music. I have home videos of myself doing that."

GISELLE stated, "I wasn't particularly interested in K-pop until high school, when it started to get even more popular in Japan. I realized it really does have a lot of impact around the world, and it gives a lot of good energy." 

She continued, "It also helped me through the tough times, and I wanted to be that for someone else." 
aespaFollowing that, they talked about their emotionally and physically grueling training―NINGNING entered SM Entertainment as a trainee in 2016, and WINTER, KARINA joined her in the following year. 

KARINA said, "The training system in K-pop is relatively very competitive and intense. You're all close together and you're all trying to reach for the same goal, but there naturally is a competition among trainees as well." 

She resumed, "I remember some pre-groups filming videos and being on the cusp of releasing music before their projects were pulled at the last minute." 

With a bitter smile, she added, "When the three of us were training for debut, there were a lot of uncertainties surrounding the group formation, so it was very emotionally unstable. There's constant worry and fear that things might change." 

But the members shared that when GISELLE became the group's fourth member in 2019, everything started to click; as a foursome, they strike a balance. 
aespaaespa made debut in November 2020, and they are currently one of the hottest fourth generation K-pop girl groups out there. 

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