Honey J Reveals Amazing Things that Jay Park Did for Her

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 14, 2022

Honey J Reveals Amazing Things that Jay Park Did for Her
Dancer Honey J revealed how amazing hip-hop artist Jay Park is. 

On July 13 episode of MBC's television show 'Radio Star', Honey J made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, the host asked Honey J, "I heard that you've received a lot of help from Jay Park. Is that right?" 
Honey J answered, "Ah yes, we're the same age, and we quickly became close after we worked with each other. I danced for him in the past." 

She continued, "After 'Street Woman Fighter', I became super busy. I was asked to be at so many places, and it was hard handling all those calls. At that time, Jay was taking some break from work, and he asked his manager if he could manage my schedule for me. So, his manager helped me manage my schedule for about two months." 

She went on, "On top of that, lots of dancers were financially struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Jay asked them to join his performances even when he didn't really need them to be there." 
Honey JThen, Honey J stated that she recently signed with Jay Park's new management agency. 

The dancer said, "Jay signed with me right away, becoming my friend as well as my boss. I truly thank him for a lot of things." 

She resumed, "There was also this. I performed 'MOMMAE' as Jay's backup dancer at one university music festival not too long ago. Following the performance, Jay was like, 'I signed you as a soloist, so don't perform for me anymore. This would be the last time. Only go on the stage as the main performer from now on.'" 

Honey J wrapped up the topic by saying, "My life has completely changed after 'Street Woman Fighter'. I still find it very hard to believe." 
Honey JHoney J(Credit= MBC Radio Star, '__honey.j__' Instagram) 

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