VIDEO: Red Velvet JOY & NCT DOYOUNG Exchange the Cutest Conversation

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 14, 2022

VIDEO: Red Velvet JOY & NCT DOYOUNG Exchange the Cutest Conversation
JOY of K-pop girl group Red Velvet and DOYOUNG of boy group NCT's cute conversation is making fans smile. 

On July 13, Red Velvet's management agency released a behind-the-scenes footage from the time when the group performed at 'DREAM CONCERT', which took place last month. 

In this footage, the DREAM CONCERT's host DOYOUNG was seen visiting his labelmate Red Velvet's waiting room before the concert. 

Red Velvet members were still getting ready for their stage, but DOYOUNG was already completely ready with a sleek black suit, stylish make-up and hair. 

When he came, JOY playfully said, "I heard that you are hosting the concert today. Nice, you've really become successful, haven't you?" 
JOYThen, JOY showed him her hair and said, "I cut my hair. Hey, I cut my hair!", indirectly asking him for his opinion. 

But DOYOUNG looked away and commented, "Well, it's alright.", as she continued asking him what he thought of her new hair. 

JOY, who was not satisfied with his answer, gave him the death stare and once again asked him, which made DOYOUNG awkwardly smile and soullessly say, "You look pretty." 
JOYAfter that, JOY asked DOYOUNG if he knew her group's catchy dance move from 'Feel My Rhythm'. 

As DOYOUNG said he did not know, JOY got angry at him and responded, "How do you not know? It's the part where I sing!" 

DOYOUNG laughed and answered, "What? I mean, do I have to know? Is it wrong that I don't know?" 

JOY pulled a sad face and said, "But we're friends. Haven't you ever seen me performing? I'm so sad." 

Then, JOY taught him her iconic dance move from 'Feel My Rhythm' and asked him if he could do the move when introducing Red Velvet to the audience while he hosts. 

DOYOUNG was like, "Nope.", even though JOY kept asking him the question. 

As DOYOUNG was about to leave their waiting room, JOY said to him, "Bye! Do come back here at any time you want." 

JOY and DOYOUNG are friends born in the same year―1996. 

(Credit= 'Red Velvet' YouTube) 

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