VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Excitedly Dances to 'Butter Remix' at J-HOPE's Album Listening Party

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 15, 2022

VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Excitedly Dances to 'Butter Remix' at J-HOPE's Album Listening Party
JUNGKOOK of K-pop boy group BTS was seen excitedly dancing to 'Butter Remix' at his fellow member J-HOPE's album listening party. 

On July 15, J-HOPE dropped his new solo album 'Jack in the Box' that contains 10 different tracks of his style.  

In celebration of the release, J-HOPE held a listening party on the top floor of his agency HYBE's building. 

A great number of celebrities were invited to the party including TAEYANG of BIGBANG, Cha Eun-woo of ASTRO, Uhm Junghwa, Simon D, Loco, Jessi, DAWN, HyunA, Heize, Tiger JK, ZICO, WOO, pH-1 and more. 

J-HOPE's fellow group members V, JIMIN, RM and JUNGKOOK also attended this party. 
J-HOPE's partyJ-HOPE's partyJ-HOPE's partyDuring the party, they enjoyed listening and dancing to J-HOPE's new music alongside other fun music, and had drinks and snacks together. 

Flashes of colorful lights were seen outside the building as well. 

It seemed like everyone got in a big festive mood at the party with amazing music, incredible people, good drinks and tasty food. 

They were seen smiling and laughing in photos and videos that were uploaded online. 

One of the excited ones was JUNGKOOK―when the remix version of BTS' song 'Butter' was played, he suddenly went up to the stage. 

Then, JUNGKOOK started showing some eye-catching moves to the song; he perfectly danced to the rhythm.  

J-HOPE also danced with him, but he seemed a little shy to suddenly dance in front of a large crowd of people he is close to. 

As everyone watched their dance, they enthusiastically cheered for the two. 
(Credit= Online Community, 'DrunkenTigerJK' 'umaizing' 'woozico0914' 'jessicah_o' Instagram) 

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