Song Ji-hyo Gets Upset as Kim Jong-kook Says He Does Not Want to Take Her to L.A.

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 18, 2022

Song Ji-hyo Gets Upset as Kim Jong-kook Says He Does Not Want to Take Her to L.A.
Actress Song Ji-hyo got upset as singer Kim Jong-kook told her that he does not want to take her to Los Angeles. 

On July 17 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', Kim Jong-kook mentioned his upcoming performance in L.A., the United States during the opening. 

He said, "When So Min guested on my YouTube channel, she asked whether I could take her and Se Chan to L.A. with me."

Then, Song Ji-hyo turned to him and commented, "How come you said yes to them, but you didn't say yes to me when I asked you if you could take me to L.A." 
Running ManAs soon as Kim Jong-kook heard this, he burst into laughter and blushed hard. 

While Kim Jong-kook was lost, not knowing how to respond to her unexpected remark, Song Ji-hyo gave him a death stare and sighed in annoyance. 

Kim Jong-kook did not exactly know how to respond to it, so he kept going, "I mean... I mean, that's just..." 
Running ManThat was when Yu Jae Seok stated, "Actually, So Min said to me the other day, when she asked you if she could tag along to L.A., and you were like, 'Yeah, of course!'" 

He went on, "After that, she asked if she could go with Ji-hyo. But you said, 'Ah, no. Ji-hyo can't come.'" 

Song Ji-hyo angrily asserted, "Yeah, exactly! That's exactly what he told me as well. It wasn't like I wanted to go with him by myself. I asked him if So Min and I could join him, and he said that I couldn't go. Why, oppa?" 
Running ManKim Jong-kook answered, "If three of us go together, it would look weird, that's why. It kind of makes it look as if I'm taking So Min with me to hide our relationship or something. I simply didn't want people to think that." 

Song Ji-hyo frowned and responded, "In that case, nobody goes to L.A. with Jong-kook! Let's just conclude everything that way. Noone is going to the States, okay?!" 

To this, Ji Seok Jin jokingly said, "Wouldn't it solve all the problems if I go to L.A. with you guys? Nobody will question anything if I'm there. They would think, 'Oh, 'Running Man' members are on a trip with each other, and you guys are taking a parent around.'", making the members laugh.
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