aespa WINTER Spotted Covering Her Bruise from Getting an IV with Foundation

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 18, 2022

aespa WINTER Spotted Covering Her Bruise from Getting an IV with Foundation
WINTER of K-pop girl group aespa was seen covering her bruise from getting an IV with foundation. 

Recently, aespa's agency uploaded a behind-the-scenes footage of the members taking part in a photo shoot. 

In this footage, WINTER sat in the corner, and got make-up done. 

Surprisingly though, she was not getting her make-up done on her face, but her arm. 

It turned out there was a bruise from getting an IV that she had to cover that up with foundation. 
WINTERSince aespa made a comeback with their second mini album 'Girls' on July 8, their schedule has been hectic. 

And obviously, they have been very busy before they made a comeback, getting ready for it. 

Due to the group's continuous hectic schedule, it seemed like WINTER did not feel so well recently. 
WINTERNot too long ago, WINTER could not join the group's schedule because she was feeling unwell. 

But since there are only three members for their performance, she joined for their performances despite being in poor health. 

This was when the bruise from the drip on WINTER's arm was discovered by fans. 

Even though she did not feel well, she tried not to show that when performing on stage. 
WINTERThen on July 17, WINTER was unable to participate in the group's fan signing event, because she was feeling sick. 

Regarding this, WINTER took to the fan community to share her sincere apology to fans, "I'm so sorry that I couldn't be at the fan signing event today. I was excited to see you too, but my body just felt worse than I thought." 

She continued, "Since you didn't get to see me today, I'll try to make up for that in the near future. I'll take a good rest, and feel better soon. I'm truly sorry. Miss you lots!" 
WINTERAs fans continue to witness WINTER feeling unwell, they are worried that she might be pushing herself too hard, and asking the agency to give her some time off from work.  

(Credit= SM Entertainment, Online Community) 

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