VIDEO: Suzy Says She Only Has a Memory that She Had a Rough Time During 'Dream High'

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 18, 2022

VIDEO: Suzy Says She Only Has a Memory that She Had a Rough Time During 'Dream High'
Actress/K-pop artist Suzy shared that she only has a memory that she had a hard time during 'Dream High'. 

Recently, an interview of Suzy was uploaded on one popular YouTube channel. 

During the interview, the interviewer Jaejae asked Suzy about KBS' 2001 drama 'Dream High'―her debut project as an actress. 

Suzy led the drama as a student at an arts high school 'Ko Hye-mi', who majors in Vocal Music. 
Dream HighJaejae said, "You were so young when you filmed 'Dream High'. You were only 17 (Korean age)! It's amazing." 

To this, Suzy responded, "I do vaguely remember that there were lots of unrealistic scenes, but it's a drama after all, so I thought, 'Okay, that could happen.'" 

She laughingly continued, "But actually, I don't remember much about that time, because my life was way too hectic. I was that busy." 
SuzySuzyJaejae commented, "It must have been hard for you, because you were still young." 

Suzy looked back on those days and stated, "I got almost no sleep at that time. I pretty much only remember about going to a nearby small building to brush my teeth during shooting, and it was freezing."

Jaejae responded in surprise, "Oh, really? In a restroom at those small buildings, there is no hot water, generally. Wasn't it really cold?" 

Suzy nodded fast and said, "Yes, it was freezing. The water was icy. It even literally turned into ice." 

(Credit= '문명특급 - MMTG' YouTube, KBS Dream High)

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