"My Favorite Group!" CHUNG HA Shares Excitement After Exchanging Number with ITZY YEJI

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 18, 2022

"My Favorite Group!" CHUNG HA Shares Excitement After Exchanging Number with ITZY YEJI
K-pop artist CHUNG HA shared excitement after she managed to exchange her number with YEJI of girl group ITZY. 

On July 18 episode of MBC FM4U's radio show 'Music Party', CHUNG HA told how much love she has for ITZY. 

CHUNG HA said, "I recently filmed a dance challenge video with ITZY. I seriously love ITZY so much! I was really happy when I heard that we will be promoting our new album at the same time." 

She continued, "So, I asked my dance instructor if ITZY members would be okay if I asked them for their number. He/she said that they would probably love it." 
CHUNG HAThen, CHUNG HA revealed that she asked them for their number yesterday. 

The K-pop artist commented in excitement, "I wrote my number down on a piece of note in a heart shape, then gave it to YEJI. We actually just talked on the messenger earlier as well. Let's have lunch together, YEJI! I love you!" 

Afterwards, CHUNG HA was asked if there was anything she would like to say to the members of YEJI. 

CHUNG HA said, "Of course I do. I love you so so much, ITZY! Thank you for doing the challenge with me, CHAERYEONG, YUNA and YEJI!" 

She went on, "I'm listening to your new song 'SNEAKERS' like all the time. I hope you girls take good care of your health during this album promotion. I'll message you! Love you, ITZY! " 
CHUNG HAFollowing that, CHUNG HA shyly shared her love for Taeyeon of girl group Girls' Generation too. 

CHUNG HA said, "I've been a huge fan of Taeyeon for years now. I've never publicly expressed my love for her, because I was afraid that she may not like it." 

To this, the host Kim Shin-young stated, "No, no. Taeyeon loves it when somebody says they're her fan." 

With a shy smile, CHUNG HA commented, "Really? I've actually purchased all her albums from her first one. I also managed to get her autograph signed on her latest album that I bought. I love her a lot." 
CHUNG HA(Credit= 'ChungHa.MNHent' 'OfficialItzy' Facebook, MBC FM4U Music Party) 

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