VIDEO: TWICE JIHYO's Cute Past Video When She Featured in a TV Show Gets Unveiled

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 19, 2022

VIDEO: TWICE JIHYO's Cute Past Video When She Featured in a TV Show Gets Unveiled
JIHYO of K-pop girl group TWICE's cute video from the past when she featured in a television show was recently unveiled. 

On July 18, SBS shared a 13-minute video from one past television show on their YouTube channel. 

It was an episode where babies participated in the mirror test, and it turned out one of the babies was JIHYO. 

This was initially aired on October 25, 1998, when JIHYO was only 21 months old. 

At that time, JIHYO was active as a child model for magazine covers, and had the name 'Ji-soo', not 'Ji-hyo'. 

She legally changed her name to 'Ji-hyo' after she joined JYP Entertainment in 2005. 
JIHYOBefore baby JIHYO entered a room full of mirrors, she was marked on her nose with a lipstick. 

When she looked in a mirror, she instantly touched the mark, which was taken as an indication that she perceived the reflected image as an image of herself, rather than another baby. 

After she touched the lipstick on her nose, she showed her finger to her mother next to her, as if she was trying to say that there was something marked on her nose. 

The psychologist who conducted the test explained that babies usually start to recognize themselves in the mirror at age 15 to 19 months old, and they fully begin to recognize themselves at 24 months old. 

No babies except for JIHYO recognized themselves in the mirror during the test. 

JIHYO was the oldest baby out of all, but it was still surprising to witness how quickly she was able to pass the mirror self-recognition at 21 months old. 

Not only was everyone surprised about her cleverness, but they also could not stop going, "Awww!" at her adorable appearance. 

She had the exact same eyes, nose and smile that she has now. 

Soon after this video was uploaded on YouTube, JIHYO took to her Instagram to express her excitement. 

Along with a screenshot of the thumbnail, JIHYO commented, "This was when I was 'Ji-soo'. It's finally been released! Thank you!" 
JIHYOJIHYO debuted as the leader of TWICE in October 2015, and all nine members of TWICE renewed their contract with their agency JYP Entertainment earlier this month. 

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