Kang Ji Young Says She Felt like She Was "Created" When She Was Part of KARA

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 19, 2022

Kang Ji Young Says She Felt like She Was "Created" When She Was Part of KARA
Kang Ji Young, formerly of K-pop girl group KARA, shared how she felt when she was a member of the group. 

On July 18 episode of MBN's television show 'A Vacation in Hotel Suites', Kang Ji Young made a guest appearance. 

While talking to the 'A Vacation in Hotel Suites' members, Kang Ji Young talked about her departure from KARA in 2014. 

Kang Ji Young said, "I was 20 years old (Korean age) when I left KARA. I think I was experiencing burnout at that time." 

She continued, "Since I got into this industry at age 15, I didn't know what I liked. What I meant by that was, I felt totally lost after I left KARA, as I didn't know what I liked doing." 

She went on, "Leaving KARA really gave me a reality check. I kept on asking myself, 'What do I like to do? And what can I do?' I realized that there was nothing I could do by myself as well." 
Kang Ji YoungThen, Kang Ji Young mentioned that she believes she felt like that because she was too dependent on her fellow members and staff. 

The former KARA member stated, "I wasn't independent at all. Everyone around me, including KARA unnies and staff, took care of me and did things for me all the time. What was worse was that I'd never scheduled my day myself; my schedule was all planned by my agency." 

She resumed, "They would always tell me to do this and that, and I just did what I was told to do. I was a person that they had created. That's why I felt so lost following my leave." 
Kang Ji YoungAfter that, Kang Ji Young was asked whether she went to school when she was a member of KARA. 

Kang Ji Young answered, "Ah no. I did at first, but I dropped out of school later on, since I got too busy. Due to that, I have no friends from high school at all." 

With a bitter smile, she added, "The close friends I have now are friends from elementary and middle school. I'm a little sad that I had no memories of my time in high school." 
Kang Ji Young(Credit= MBN A Vacation in Hotel Suites, DSP Media) 

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